What a day we had, it was super chilly ... we may or may not have had to FaceTime to see if we were both at the right Roba's Farm (we weren't, in case you were wondering) ... and when it came time to photograph our session, this family's beloved Ruby (see beautiful husky in the photos at the bottom) was not allowed in to the orchard due to vegetation regulations (rightfully so, we totally get it)!  However, these little blips didn't get in our way of capturing great family moments.

Jax is now 6 months old and that is definitely reason to celebrate.  Mom + Dad took him apple picking for some fall family fun, and he even got to sample some of his apple picking (he was getting totally into it and did an amazing job).  It's so neat to see how much this little guy has grown since I last saw him at 3 months of age!

Thank you, all for braving the cold morning we had ... and thank you Ruby for being so patient until we were able to take your photos at the tail end of things <3