I have never "officially" photographed a Fresh 48 session before. I have showed up to visit my friends in the hospital, when they welcomed their newest additions and brought in my camera to get a few shots -- and it was always at night, and never a planned occasion. 

This session, I was hired for to come in 24 hours after the baby graced the world with his presence.  Mom knew exactly when she was having Keegan, since she was a scheduled c-section (and that, of course, made things easier as far as scheduling is concerned).  I truly loved this session -- I have always loved candid, relaxed, in-the-moment photography.  In a hospital setting, with a brand new baby (this couple's third child... all under the age of 3!) - it is pretty much impossible to not be candid in this kind of environment and I love that.

Thank you -so much- to this beautiful family, for welcoming me into a very personal time for them as they welcomed baby Keegan into their lives + hearts.  It was an honor getting to be one of the lucky first few people to get to meet him and capture some of his first moments.

Oh!  and PS: How amazing does mom look for just having a major surgery just 24 hours prior!? At times, I almost forgot she's a mom of 3 little ones - let alone just having a cesarean section! Yay, for Super-mom!