I was feeling so badly that my sweet little girl turned 9 months old on June 9th and I hadn't photographed her session on that exact date.  Isabella's 3 + 6 month session were photographed (on the exact date) and then she turned 9 months and it came and went so quickly -- giving me total mom guilt.  A busy work season is no excuse when you're a photographer trying to get these precious milestones, at least for me.

During a trip to New Haven, Connecticut for a wedding photography workshop with the amazing Justin + Mary, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to photograph her 9 month session.  My mom and daughter came with me and just hung out while I was in the workshop (thank you for all of your help, mom!) 

This session was extra special to me being that it was in New England.  My sister, who passed away in 2010, lived in Rhode Island and I often visited her -- in a sense, New England, felt like my home away from home (because I was there so often, but also because my sister was my home base).  Being here the past few days has been surreal and today, right before beginning the session I could have sworn I could smell her scent; it has happened maybe a handful of times since she has passed, but it was the best smell of her and it just made me feel like she was with us there on the beach for Isabella's 9 month session and it made it that much more memorable for me!

We went to Lighthouse Park in New Haven, Connecticut and it was so beautiful.  Isabella kept trying to eat the sand + seashells, but other than that it was a ton of fun ;)

I love getting to see my little girl experience things for the first time and I love getting to be her mama. Cheers to 9 months, little love! <3 Daddy + Mommy love watching you grow.

**Beautiful dress: Belle and Rose Boutique     **Beautiful crown: (Etsy Shop) lovecrushbowtique