I love weddings where I can spend the entire day with my couples!  Jamie + Lauren opted for my "all day" package, which is great in allowing the photos to tell the complete story of their day.  I was able to begin nice and early at the (super adorable) hair salon at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, PA with Lauren and her 11 lovely bridesmaids. 

It was a super hot day but, it also a gorgeous day - with great blue skies and gorgeous views at their venue on the property, the Terraview!  I see how this venue received it's name now :)

Everything about Jamie + Lauren's wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. The bridal details were so sparkly and lovely, as well as personal and unique!  Lauren's baby bonnet was also used as her handkerchief that she carried in her clutch, she plans to turn this back into a baby bonnet to pass down to her and Jamie's baby, when the time comes (how precious is that?). 

Aside from the beautiful and unique personal touches of wonderful colors, sparkles and glam -- one of my favorite all time wedding moments occurred during their reception when Lauren's (AMAZINGLY talented) brother + sister performed (vocals and guitar) a song they wrote together for their sister and new brother-in-law.  This particular song is one of the most beautiful wedding songs I have ever heard and it was an absolute honor to get to witness their talent firsthand!  There is no doubt in my mind, that if they were to record this song, it would be an instant wedding classic (I can see so many first dances being danced to this song); I so wish I could have doubled as a videographer at the time.  Maybe I should work on that, in case I ever get to witness an unreal, viral wedding moment like that one again.  ::my fingers are crossed though, that they get this song in the right hands and it takes off like I know it will - and everyone else will have the pleasure of hearing this gorgeous and lovely tune:: 

Jamie + Lauren are one of the loveliest couples, and it was with the upmost honor to be there to be the one to capture their incredible day!  I wish Jamie + Lauren a lifetime of love, health + happiness together.  Thank you both so much for giving me the opportunity to be there to play such a big role in your day!  Cheers! <3