Remember when you were a kid, and the gown up's in your life told you that you can do anything you wish when you grow up?  I can't help but think of that and smile as I was editing this session and thinking to myself ... "Wow, I really got to photograph such an awesome little guy and get to run around on the playground with him and actually play.  That's my job!"  Well, of course running around on the playground isn't ALWAYS what I'm hired for, but in this case, Giuseppe and I got to celebrate how wonderful he was during his photo session that we got to then go run around on the playground - he kept saying, "Amanda, I really like you!  It's so fun playing together!" - this completely melted my heart and had me over the moon.  Also, Giuseppe is one of the sweetest, smartest, and bravest little boys I have ever met.  He kept continuously climbing up to the very top of the playground and going down the absolute biggest slide, this completely blew my away... and his mom just smiled and nodded her head, like "yep. that's my boy."  (for certain a proud mama moment!)

My fiancé and our daughter (who will be 1 year old this week! wow!) also accompanied us during this session, and it was so neat to see her on the sidelines and thinking to myself, "In a couple of years, we will be chasing her around the playground and I hope I'm cool enough to get invited to go down the big slide with her!" 

These kind of outdoor candid sessions make me so happy.  I love seeing children be themselves and truly have fun during their photo session.  Thank you, Giuseppe for being such a great little boy and inviting me to go down the big slide after you!  It felt great to be a kid again:)