I could not wait to photograph my very first wedding at the Barn at Glistening Ponds.  Stephanie and Chris gave me the honor of hiring me and that is just where their beautiful wedding took place!  

Stephanie, in my personal opinion, could/should be a wedding planer/stylist - her details, bridal color choices, personal touches, the food, the music, everything ... was just perfect!  Chris, I'm sure you helped her with all of these aspects ;)  (the guys are always a ton of help, right? I'm just teasing).  These two carefully planned out all aspects of their wedding day with amazing attention to detail, love and uniqueness.  Truly an amazing wedding!

Capturing Mr. & Mrs. Mordan's wedding was one for the books!  I wish them both the most absolute happiness in this next chapter of their lives together.  

Chris + Stephanie, thank you for hiring me to take part in your beautiful celebration of your lives and love together.  I am so happy you two found one another, it is inspiring to be around you two to see how much you love and adore one another.  Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter + making the best memories together!